Pastor Chuck continues his series in Jonah; in chapter 2, where Jonah finally cries out to God from the belly of the fish.

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Pastor Chuck begins his serious on Jonah, teaching about the Consequences of running from the will of God.

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Brian Procedo teaches on the importance of prayer and how we should act towards others outside the church.

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The Elders; Pastor Chuck, Dave Morse, and Bart Randolph teach on Isaiah 9:6.

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This is the Christmas eve message, Pastor Chuck explores Isaiah 9:2 which foretells of the light Christ will bring to our lives at His coming.

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Pastor Chuck teaches on the shepherd's response to the news of Christ's birth.

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Pastor Chuck concludes the book of his study of Ephesians with the Power of Prayer.

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Pastor Chuck Finishes his teaching on the armor of God, teaching on the Helmet of Salvation, and the Sword of the Spirit.

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Brian Procedo teaches Matthew 5:13-16, the first section of the sermon mount; on our call as Christians to be salt and light to the world.

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Pastor Chuck continues his series on the Armor of God, this week he focuses on the Shoes of Peace and the Shield of the Spirit. As found in verses 15 and 16 in Ephesians Chapter 6.

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