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The Village Chapel podcast posts are taken from the weekly messages taught at The Village Chapel in Lompoc, CA by Pastor Chuck Musselwhite.

Dec 21, 2020

When Jesus was born, hope entered the world. He came for the poor and powerless. 

Nov 23, 2020

Paul and Barnabas separate and Timothy is added to the team. 

Nov 19, 2020

Moses lays down the rules regarding making a vow and then we see God keep His Word in bringing vengeance against the Midianites. 

Nov 16, 2020

A Heated Debate emerged in the church in Antioch over circumcision and it produces the first church council in Jerusalem. 

Nov 12, 2020

God tells Moses what is required of Israel in their sacrifices for each time of worship. From the daily sacrifice to the feast of Tabernacles we what is required of us as disciples.